Grab a mop

October 16th, 2009

Inspired by President Obama’s speech last night in SF (see PoliticsDaily report) and “Re-Stimulating” (Washington Post editorial 10/11/09), which stated “White House economists reported in September that ‘employment is estimated to be between 600,000 and 1.1 million higher than it would otherwise have been’ because of the Obama administration’s stimulus plan and other policies, especially the Fed’s monetary expansion. While no one can prove or disprove that –much less apportion credit between fiscal and monetary policy— basic economics suggests that things might have been even worse if the government had done nothing.”


If your boat has sprung a leak you immediately start to bail.

If the water keeps on rising that doesn’t mean you fail.

Any bailing is better than none at all,

Because it helps sinking forestall.


You also start to plug up the opening,

Which you wouldn’t expect passengers’ resenting.

Eventually, the boat will stop going down

And passengers can stop worrying they’re gonna drown.


After causing the breach in the Ship of State’s hull

Republicans first denied that it with water was full,

Then opposed Obama’s attempts to patch and to bail

And publicly hoped that his efforts would fail.


They criticized him saying he spent too much and started too soon.

I guess they wanted him to bail with a spoon.

It’s hard to bail when you’re under constant attack,

When someone stands behind you and keeps jabbing you in the back.

It’s hard to bail when a yappy dog keeps biting your ankles

And obstruction from those who caused the flood really rankles.


When you create a problem, you should try to help solve it.

But at least don’t hinder others when they try to resolve it.

So Republicans, please with the criticism stop.

Like the President said, “grab a mop.”


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