Government Matters (or, Insurance Against a Flood of Idiocy)

April 18th, 2010

A follow up to our earlier post Stunning Bunning, inspired by Flood insurance lapse hurts buyers (Washington Post 4/18/10).

It didn’t matter to most of us

And it was something the media didn’t really discuss,

But for flood insurance policy holders it did matter:

Bunning’s objections were for them more than idle chatter.

I won’t even go into the 1.2 million unemployed affected

When Bunning to extension of benefits objected.

They got their share of media attention,

But flood insurance didn’t get much mention.

(Of course, Senator Bunning didn’t care about any of them

When he staged his political pogrom.

He was the real victim and they the ones to blame

Because Bunning missed a college basketball game.)

But the folks I’d like to focus on today

Are the flood policy holders who for Bunning’s intransigence did pay.

For three weeks, they were in limbo

Because of one airheaded political bimbo.

1400 people per business day were kept from buying new homes

(That’s 41 thousand families who couldn’t buy or sell their homes).

An additional 190 thousand families had their coverage lapse

And small businesses saw a 99% reduction of their disaster loan caps.

The Senate finally passed the bill on Thursday

President Obama signed it right away.

The coverage gap was closed retroactively,

But it would be better to solve the problem permanently.

The flood insurance program provides total coverage of $1 trillion,

Covering many homes and businesses (a total of 5.5 million).

All of these people depend on the program’s reliability

(Not to mention its affordability.)

But instead of providing authorization,

For the program’s long-term continuation,

Republicans tend to prefer short-term funding bridges

To keep those 5.5 million clients as hostages.

But you can’t run a business, or a Nation

On anti-government indignation.

We need to figure out what the government should do

And let it provide the services it makes sense to.

There are definitely some aspects of tax and spend

That really do deserve to end.

But the knee-jerk reaction against taxation and the government

Is absurd with a government of popular consent.

And this isn’t even a case of government taxing and spending

That the right wing seems so intent on ending.

This is a case of a self-funded system

That when people suffer disasters lets the government assist them.

(Or, we could adopt the approach Bush used in Katrina

Putting a horse judge in charge of disaster release by FEMA.)

Teabaggers, I know the existence of government makes you mad,

But you need to realize that it’s not all bad.

No, you didn’t win the last election,

But that’s no reason for an insurrection.


Here’s Countdown’s 4/02/10 “Worst Person” report about the lapse in flood insurance coverage.

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You’d think Republicans would be particularly attentive to this issue, given their concern with catastrophic floods.. (watch the Discovery Channel documentary below about the “True Story” of Noah’s Ark, or check it out in our Amazon store.

Here’s a scene from the definitive Spike Lee Katrina documentary When the Levees Broke – A Requiem In Four Acts.

And here’s your theme music for today, When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin, as performed at their 1995 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction (that’s Neil Young joining in), segueing seemlessly into a killer hard rock version of For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield. 

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