GOP Blueprint Blues

May 11th, 2012

Inspired by Paul Ryan’s continued promotion of his draconian budget plan.


“The people who need government most, the poor, the elderly, they’re the ones that get hurt the first and the worst.” — a be-charted Paul Ryan, giving the best summary to date of the GOP plan


We need to get the deficit under control,

But defense cuts and taxes can’t play any role.


Yes, the people who need government get hurt first

And the people who need government get hurt worst.


To prove that point, Paul Ryan will make it happen

By the poor and the elderly repeatedly slappin’.


The purpose of budgets isn’t, as a rule,

To be used as a pain-inflicting tool.


But Paul and his pals seem in so doing to take perverse pleasure,

Using the pain they inflict as their success’s main measure.


So sorry, Paul, but if you do what you want to do,

Your blueprint will just leave America blue.


Here’s Now’s5/11/12 panel discussion, including the video clip of Ryan’s chart-filled presentation. In fairness (words you’ll never hear him say), Mr. Ryan does begin his quote with “If we don’t get our spending under control, and we don’t get our deficit under control…”

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