June 13th, 2010

Inspired by the US team’s tying goal in the US-UK World Cup game yesterday (read more about the game here, and watch the video of the goal below).

I’m not kiddin’ —

The US tied Britain.

Just holding our own is an accomplishment

About which the team can be justifiably content.

The Brit commentator predicted a 3-1 US rout

Which would have put the US chances in doubt.

Clint Dempsey was the one who scored

And the US into contention restored.

It was the second US goal against the UK ever

And one the UK goalie will rue forever.

For Republicans, the tie must have been bad news,

Since they now always want the US to lose.

(Not to mention the fact that soccer itself is un-American,

And our playing it proves we’re becoming socialist and/or totalitarian.)

Or perhaps they’ll blame Obama that we didn’t win,

And demand that an investigation begin,

Trumpeting that jingoistic “We’re number 1!” platitude

Representing the “if you’re not first you’re last” attitude.

President Obama and British Prime Minister Cameron had wagered a beer.

Alas, given the tie, who will buy is now unclear.


Here’s the US goal. Not pretty, but a goal’s a goal.

Here’s the official song and your theme music for today, Wavin’ Flag by K’Naan, along with an excellent commercial for the South Africa World Cup. I I also liked the “cars and freedom” commercial for Dodge Challenger. And for your further listening pleasure, here’s the offical 2010 FIFA World Cup album. And speaking of South Africa and sports, if you haven’t seen it, check out this excellent movie and other cool World Cup stuff.

This 6/10/10 Daily Show pre-game report is very funny. (Suck it, Oliver!)

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