Good Hair

September 24th, 2009

In spite of policies retroactive,

Many Republican politicians are attractive

With a nice head of hair,

But not much in there.


Such a collection of tresses

Favorably impresses,

And begets political successes

To an extent that depresses.


When choosing candidates it’s usually better to vote for the plain one

(Who must on his or her merits run)

Than for the well-coiffed confection

(Obama being the exception).


It’s not that you’re ugly, Mr. Deeds,

But one concedes:

You lack the well-tended hair

Of your adversar’.


Yes, it’s unfair,

But don’t despair.

Beauty is, after all, only skin deep,

While odious views into the soul do creep.

If appearance did one’s character display

He might be a reverse Dorian Grey.

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