Good for the Goose, but Not the Michigander

February 18th, 2012

A follow-up to Car Before the Hearse, inspired by Mitt Romney’s opposition to the auto industry’s rescue.


“Governor Romney supported the bailout of Wall Street and decided not to support the bailout of Detroit.” — Rick Santorum


For Romney, Wall Street is the goose that lays his golden eggs,

So he was naturally concerned when it was on its last legs.


Mitt supported federal funding for Wall Street’s salvation

Because of the financial sector’s importance to our great nation.


But while he didn’t mind pumping more air into Wall Street’s bubble,

He had a different view when Detroit got in trouble.


Mitt’s solution was to “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt

(Given his Wall Street stance, pretty morally corrupt).


Never mind that Mitt’s idea would have been an economic disaster

And would have just put us into recession deeper and faster.


Never mind that GM just had its best year ever

And that the rescue Republicans attacked now looks pretty clever.


Never mind that Michigan primary voters to entice,

Mitt has now redefined his position and claims Obama followed his advice.


The key question to me, when you get right to it,

Is that given the rust belt’s electoral importance, why did Mitt do it?


Maybe Mitt just wanted to help fight the Evil Labor Machine,

Or help vulture investors profit from picking the auto industry clean.


Maybe Mitt thought Michiganders wouldn’t take note,

Or that the primary would be decided before the Michigan vote.


Whatever the reason, Mitt was wrong,

And Detroit is now again going strong.


Santorum was surging the last time I looked.

And now, Michigan Mitt, it may be your goose that’s cooked.


Here’s Santorum’s statement. Of course, Santorum opposed saving Detroit too, so if he’d been President then, the auto industry would probably have gone under.

Here’s Melissa’s 2/18/12 commentary on Romney’s continuing attack on the “bailout” and unions. She also discusses how the union workers has improved wages and benifits for both union and non-union workers in America (read our unions and Wisconsin protests for more about that).

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Update 2/24/12: Here’s Obama for America 2012’s new ad about the auto industry rescue, followed by Steve Rattner on Morning Joe this morning discussing his New York Times op ed criticizing Romney’s position on the auto industry bailout. Joe Scarborough talks about how the both the Wall Street and auto industry bailouts actually made money for the government, in addition to saving the economy and millions of jobs. He’s the first Republican I’ve heard admit that.

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