Good for Me (So It Must Be Good)

December 3rd, 2010

The speech yesterday by Representative Grayson

Should the loud-mouthed tax cuts televangelists chasten.

The nation’s Bloviator-in-Chief

Is in the most dire need of tax relief.

Extension of the Bush tax cuts for the nation’s tippy-top tier

Will save him a cool $2.7 million per year.

The rest of the right wing bloviation team

Will also rake in millions through extension of the Bush tax scheme.

Glenn Beck will save $1.5 million, plus a cool mill for Sean.

It would cost Billo and Sister Sarah another $1.5 mill if their tax cuts were withdrawn.

That’s $6.8 million dollars in tax cuts for just these five

To keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy alive.

Will giving these guys all that money create jobs, as Republicans assert,

And a double-dip recession avert?

Will you build even bigger mansions or get more massages,

Or buy more designer clothes for your entourages?

How much of that money will you let trickle down

To the rest of us way down here on the ground.

It’s too bad, Glenn, Sean, Billo, Sarah, and Rush

You don’t care about the debt which our country will crush.

To increase the national debt by an extra $700 billion is idiotic.

I thought you guys were supposed to be so patriotic?

I have no doubt that extending tax cuts for the rich is good for all of you,

But that doesn’t mean it’s good for the country too.


Here’s Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) speaking 12/02/10 on the House floor, followed by a chart of the top five tax cut recipients he identifies.

Tax cut per year for the top five bloviators identified by Rep. Grayson:

Rush Limbaugh


Glenn Beck


Sean Hannity


Bill O’Reilly


Sarah Palin




Glenn, Sean, Billo, Sarah, and Rush: watch these commercials for some ideas on all the great new stuff you can buy to stimulate the economy with your tax cut extension millions. Then again, you probably already have most of this stuff… (Direct TV and Acura: Just Paypal me whatever you think is fair for the plug.)

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