Gone But Never to be Forgotten

October 30th, 2009

As reported in “Parents of four girls killed in crash on Fairfax Parkway” (Washington Post 10/26/09). The funeral was held yesterday.


Michael and Jeanne drove home a familiar route

On Sunday night with Italian takeout.

A car hit them, and then two more.

They died, leaving their daughters orphans (they had four).


Their daughters are 13, 9, 3, and 1.5 years old.

I’m sure their grief can’t be consoled.

Three were in the car at the time of the tragedy,

But thankfully suffered only minor (physical) injury.



I have two daughters that I adore.

I’m sure your parents felt the same (doubly, with four).

It’s a horrible thing that has taken place,

But nothing can a parent’s love displace.


I don’t believe that bad things are God’s will

(If they were, we wouldn’t have free will).

Bad things just happen sometimes

Without our knowledge of reasons or rhymes.


There’s one thing of which I’m sure:

Though it won’t make your pain easier to endure,

I know it was less important to your parents that they survive

Than that their daughters live and thrive.


And when that prayer was heard,

Whatever else then occurred,

They could depart relieved

That their greatest wish had been achieved.


Their final thought

That you not be forever distraught.

Their final prayer

That you not forever despair.


Their final hope

That you find some way to cope.

Their final request

That you grow up and find happiness.


13: You’re the oldest, so you’ll need to be strong

And help the other girls along.

But remember that it’s a lie

That you’re ever too old to cry.


9: That age is usually a carefree time of life,

But yours has been deeply touched by strife.

Don’t feel bad to be happy once in a while–

It’ll make your parents in heaven smile.


To the little girls: You may not remember much:

A smile, a game, a song, a touch.

Remember your parents’ undying love for you

Whenever there are tough times to get through.


Your pain is as great as any pain was ever,

But even the greatest pain doesn’t last forever.

Above all, remember your parents’ love.

They look down on you from heaven above.


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