Going Vogue

November 17th, 2009

Inspired by Ideology trumps party for Palin (Washington Post 10/26/09),  Fox News Fact-Checks Sarah Palin’s Coin Conspiracy Theory  (Huffington Post 11/10/09), Palin’s book goes rogue on some facts (Washington Post 11/14/09), Will ‘Rogue’ tactics work? On the left: Amid cloudy rhetoric, the challenge to find political smoke & fire, Will ‘Rogue’ tactics work? On the right: Unapologetic look at ’08 race proves Palin’s still a national contender (Wasington Post 11/17/09), The Sarah Palin-Carrie Prejean Two-for-One Tour, The Inevitable Fluke That Is Sarah Palin, The Big Surprise Moment During the Oprah/Palin Interview, Sarah Palin: Newsweek Cover Showing My Legs ‘Sexist’, and Newsweek Defends Provocative Palin Cover (Huffington Post 11/17/09), and the videos below.


Sarah Palin, you’re back in the news,

Once again hawking your conservative views.

I guess it’s all part of flogging your book.

I have to say, I like your new look.

The last time I saw you, you were dressed in sweatpants.

Now you’re much more fashionable (and are those new cheek implants?)

Your Facebook page says you’re upset about that cover

Because Newsweek did your legs uncover.

I really don’t see why you’re complaining

(That shot should help your campaigning).

You said later it was sexist

But at the time I guess you just couldn’t resist.

It never hurts to show a little skin

(Especially in the business that you’re in).

And you yourself posed for the picture.

Have you determined it’s against some conservative stricture?

I hear you asked for $100K to speak in Iowa live.

That’s a lot better than Bush’s $4.95.

With all the money from speeches and your book,

I guess you’re glad that you the governorship forsook.

Last week you were up in arms about the $1 coin

(I guess you hoped the PR would to your book sales adjoin).

You were upset that “In God We Trust” had been moved to the coin’s edge

(That’s almost as bad as taking “under God” out of the Pledge).

You asked “Who calls a shot like that?”

And your supporters took up the cry in seconds flat.

If you found out who, I was sure you’d skin them alive,

But it turns out it was George Bush in 2005.

Still, with your book sales surging, you’d can’t feel too sad,

Although when even Fox News corrects you, that’s bad.

And things didn’t quite work out in upstate New York,

(You have to admit, Hoffman was a bit of a dork).

But at least you got on Oprah’s show

(That’s a rare honor, you know).

It’s too bad she brought up Katie’s question about what you read

And that commenters said you came across as a chucklehead.

But never mind, you’re front page news again,

And your faithful followers flock to your church (can I get an amen?).

In the list of influential Republicans,  the Post puts you at number 1:

Election 2012 sure will be fun!

60% of Americans say you’re not fit to be President and 53% “definitely” wouldn’t vote for ya’,

But never mind — you’re still our Evita.

 Besides, you were in vogue before

And I’m sure you’ll be in vogue lots more.



Here’s Fox News’ debunking of Sarah Palin’s coin conspiracy theory– too crazy even for them!

Here’s CelebTV’s report on Sarah’s Oprah interview (for more video, including previously unreleased footage of the interview, click here).

Here’s CelebTV’s report on the Newsweek cover.

The new movie 2012 may not be out yet, but watch this hilarious SNL spoof trailer featured on Keith Olbermann.

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