Going Rogue (or, How to Make Money and Influence People)

October 4th, 2009

A follow-up to my post “9/09/09 18:08 — She’s Baack…”. As reported in “Book Not in Stores But It’s a Bestleller” (Washington Post 10/03/09), Sarah Palin’s new book  Going Rogue: An American Life (“co”-authored by World magazine editor Lynn Vincent) is now #1 on Amazon, even though it won’t be released until Nov. 17. Note to readers: Do not buy this book (instead, buy this excellent book from the non-fiction section, Going Rouge). But if you do for some reason (e.g., you want to read it so you can criticize it in your own blog), please do so by clicking on  the link above (or picture below) to pre-order it from Amazon. I get a (small) commission from them which goes to cover my anti-right wing website costs (ironic, eh?). 

I’m glad that you took my advice

And went and wrote a book.

You must be exhausted

From all the work it took.

You followed my advice—

How nice!

Your book is number one—

How fun!

Of course, it was “co”-written,

But your audience is still smitten.

That red sweatsuit you wear on the cover…

(Oh, never mind. Some things are best unsaid.)

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