Going Drouge

November 21st, 2009

Inspired by Palin’s Poison (New York Times 8/09/09), How I Witnessed Sarah Palin’s Fuming Anti-Abortion Fanatics (LA Progressive 6/02/09), Paranoia Strikes Deep (Paul Krugman, New York Times 11/09/09), Don’t Get Palin’s Appeal? Try a Little Harder  (Daily Kos 11/18/09 ),  “…Why People Like to Stuff People Like You into Ovens”  (Daily Kos 11/20/09), and the apparent outbreak of violence-inciting billboards in Missouri. Read the articles for background, read my poem (let me know how you like it), and watch the videos below. For more in a similar vein, click on the “Violence” tag below.

What is it about Sarah’s teabagging adherents

That seems to make them prone to violence?

Why does the extreme right seem so easily excited?

Could it be because they’re being to violence incited?

Remember Sarah’s speeches in 2008

That seemed designed to stir up anti-Obama hate?

When one supporter called out “kill him” in response to one anti-Obama accusation,

Governor Palin didn’t show even a hint of agitation.

So Ms. Palin, in your quest to “take back” the nation,

Are you tacitly advocating assassination?

And how about Sarah’s Facebook post

Which inaccurately diagnosed

That Obama wants to kill her parents and baby

If healthcare reform is passed (maybe).

Sarah’s rallies draw a “frightening mix” of zealots and fanatics

Attracted by her charismatics.

Her rhetoric incites them

And her nastiness delights them.

As Paul Krugman eloquently said

In his New York Times op ed,

Figures like Palin “feed the base’s frenzy” with their extremist patter,

And “takeover of the Republican Party by the irrational right is no laughing matter.”

Jeff Feldman wrote an interesting article about Palin’s popularity

To which one of Palin’s supporters responded with barbarity.

Feldman sees violence as a key part of Palin’s message and appeal

(It’s frightening what your followers about you reveal).

He sees Sarah’s platform as the rightful return to power of the white Christian man

(Read his article for his eight point response plan).

Another offensive Missouri billboard (see video below for more).

A further example is these billboards in Missouri

(I won’t be going there in a hurry).

They demonize Obama and advocate government overthrow

(For more on this, watch the video below).

Remember the Drouges in Kubrick’s movie?

Remember what they do when put in authority.


Here’s the Young Turks report about the Missouri billboard.

Here’s the 11/18/09 Daily Show report on Sarah’s new book (read more about that here).

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Here’s the 7/27/09 Daily Show report after Sarah Palin’s resignation.

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Here’s a video of teabagger protest violence (there’s some dispute about who started it).

Here’s a remarkably similar scene featuring Clockwork Orange’s drogues.

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