God’s Climate Team

April 22nd, 2010

Next in our Earth Day series, an observation about the Religious Right and climate change.

Why don’t religious rightists believe in climate change?

I personally think that’s somewhat strange.

If anything, they should be even more committed to protecting God’s creation

Then the godless liberal part of the Nation.

The Bible teaches that Man is a steward,

Upon whom God the responsibility conferred

To leave the earth in at least as good shape when we got it.

That’s the commandment, but Religious Rightists seem to have forgot it.

Studies have show people view politics as a team event,

And tend to stay loyal to the team they represent.

They support that team and its positions by default

(Loyalty’s a good thing, so it’s really not anyone’s fault).

Similarly, Religious Rightists support the GOP due to its social positions,

And then out of loyalty also adopt the GOP’s views on carbon emissions,

Even though the GOP anti-climate position breaches

What the Bible clearly teaches.

So Religious Rightists, please allow me to say

(In particular, because today is Earth Day)

I know you want to be loyal to the GOP,

But that doesn’t mean you have to be an anti-climate devotee.

I know that global warming has the whole science thing going

And you believe things that contradict your faith are better not knowing,

But though the concept may seem strange,

That’s not the case with climate change.

When it comes to the environment, remember your original affiliation,

And remember that the Bible requires conservation.

So if you believe God’s law should be supreme,

I think you should know that you’re on the wrong team.


Here’s a scene from the documentary Jesus Camp about evangelical beliefs about global warming. Contrary to what the mom is teaching her son Levi, 0.6 degrees Celsius (or 1.08 degrees F) committed warming we already have IS actually a big problem, but the bigger one is that if we don’t take action, average temperatures will go up a catastrophic amount, as shown in this excellent National Geographic documentary, Six Degrees Could Change the World (watch a clip from that below).



ABC News did this very good discussion and dramatization of the possible future impact of climate change. It’s not pleasant.

Levi, this is what you should be watching instead of that creationist video. And while you’re at it, watch The Day After Tomorrow. It’s fictional, of course, but the science is still more accurate than what you’ve been watching. Though catastrophic climate change isn’t likely to happen as as sensationally and suddenly as portrayed in the movie, the cumulative effects and tipping point that the movie describes are true. (As a father, I also have a soft spot for any movie in which dad saves the day.)

And here’s your theme music, Climate Change Rap by Recycleman and the Dumpster Divers from the CD Get Ready for a New Day.

Climate Change Rap – Recyclema…

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