Global Warning (or, It’s Not Nice to Fool With Mother Nature)

April 22nd, 2010

In honor of Earth Day today, and inspired by The History Channel’s 4/20/10 documentary A Global Warning? about the risks that methane hydrate releases, sun spots, the earth’s wobble, and other factors pose to the earth’s climate.

As I’ve described before

And will now discuss some more,

The earth goes through cycles as it gets older.

These  natural cycles should be making us colder.

Instead, the earth has been getting hotter,

Which if it continues will flood coasts with 3’ of water.

And though I don’t mean to cause undue alarm,

That would cause our country a great deal of harm.

Not only that, American agriculture would be severely impaired,

So many farmers are justifiably scared.

Extreme weather events would become widespread—

“100 year” storms would happen every few years instead.

Climate change do-nothings say such “natural” changes are OK

And we might as well keep polluting anyway.

But they don’t understand that Mother Nature can be cruel,

And doesn’t care about humans, as a rule.

To say something’s natural, so it’s OK

Is not a very logical thing to say.

That’s like saying some floods are natural too

And therefore a man-made one can’t kill you.

Humans can adapt, as we’ve done before,

But such drastic change would lead to mass famine and war.

Humanity might still survive,

But billions of people would no longer be alive.

If we treat Mother Nature with equanimity

Or postpone action until we have political unanimity,

By the time we finally act, it will be too late.

Real climate change measures really can’t wait.

Mass extinctions have already been caused by climate change,

As temperatures fluctuate in a wide natural range.

But when you throw human impacts into the mix,

It alters natural cycles, climate modeling predicts.

When we fiddle with forces we don’t understand,

Things don’t always work out as planned.

A narrow temperature range gave rise to human civilization,

And we’re changing that through GHGs and deforestation.

And like in the commercial, if you make Mother Nature mad

Things are gonna turn out bad.


Here’s a scene from the History Channel documentary A Global Warning?. Also check out Al Gore’s documentary on climate change (probably the best single climate change documentary out there) An Inconvenient Truth.


Here’s the famous “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature” commercial.

And here’s your theme music, The World Heats Up by Recylcleman and the Dumpster Divers from the CD Get Ready for a New Day.

The World Heats Up – Recyclema…

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