Global Climate Change

September 26th, 2009

“New Analysis Brings Dire Forecast of 6.3 Degree Temperature Increase” (Washington Post 9/25/09), and that’s if the world adopts the UN’s proposals to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If emissions continue unabated, scientists project an increase of 8.13 degrees F. “New Groups Revive the Debate Over Causes of Climate Change” (Washington Post 9/25/09). The organizations cited by the article (CO2 Is Green, Plants Need CO2, and Energy Citizen) are so extreme, that even many energy companies are not supporting them. See also our earlier “Energy Citizen” post.


Republicans stop dithering;

Humanity’s chances are withering.


Those who still think climate change isn’t real:

Sorry to bust your bubble, but here’s the deal.


This bill will hurt our economy?

How about a temperature rise of 8.13?


Some people want to put climate change on trial.

There’re just in denial.


Sure, more CO2 is good for a tree

But it isn’t that good for you and me.


“CO2 is Green”?

Here comes the corporate propaganda machine.


“Energy Citizen”?

Here we go again.


“Plants Need CO2”?

Yes, it’s true.

They need water too.

But too much of either

Is bad for an air-breather.

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