Glenn’s Greater Power

April 25th, 2010

Inspired by Glenn Beck: the Televangelist Con Man Selling God’s Plan for America (Bob Cesca, Huffington Post 4/21/10), Glenn Beck: A Vatican-approved, “wildly important” warrior against forces of “great darkness”? ( 4/22/10), Delusions of Grandeur (Washington Monthly 4/23/10), The Vatican To Glenn Beck: We Know Who You Are (Daily Kos 4/24/10) and a follow up to my earlier post on the subject, Proof that Glenn Beck is in League with Satan. Glenn clearly thinks he’s representing a greater power, but how do we really know which one? Watch the video below, where Glenn finally admits… something.

“I beg of you to help me get this message out, and I beg of you to pray for clarity on my part. The Plan that He would have me articulate, I think, to you is ‘Get behind me,’ and I don’t mean me, I mean Him. Get behind me Stand behind me.” – Glenn 4/20/10
“We are entering a dark, dark period of man… We are dealing with people who want to deconstruct the world.They say they are for progress, but their progress is to deconstruct. Their progress is to go backwards.Instead of inventing our way out of something.  Instead of heralding achievement and merit, they destroy it. Instead of respecting life, we devalue it” – Glenn 4/22/10

Glenn has finally admitted that his Plan

Wasn’t born in the mind of Man.

He says it’s inspired by a greater power

Before which Glenn and his minions humbly cower.

But as I revealed in an earlier post,

That source isn’t the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

The Plan’s source is Satan himself.

If you don’t believe it, look at the evidence yourself.

Unfortunately, though I broke this story months ago,

Still not enough people the awful truth know.

But the evidence can’t be denied.

(I report, you decide.)

So help spread the word by forwarding these links,

Even if you think my poetry stinks.

And if you got my Twitter post, please retweet it.

(Whatever you do, please don’t delete it!)

I beg of you to help me get this message out.

Please, tell the world what Glenn’s Plan is really about.


Here’s Countdown’s  4/22/10 “Worst in the World” report. But as it turns out, all that is revealed is yet another opportunity for Glenn to hawk gold (please read and comment on that one too).

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here are the latest in bizarre statements from Glenn.

And here’s your theme music, Go Satan Go! by Peter Pan Speedrock.

 Cash4Gold, Everybody's doing it!

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