Glacierless National Park

April 9th, 2010

Inspired by Weather Channel asks, “July in April?” — Record smashing heat-wave hits nation (Climate Progress 4/07/10) and Climate change hits Glacier National Park (Washington Post 4/08/10). 

Glacier National Park may soon have to change its name.

Without any glaciers, it just won’t be the same.

The park used to have 37 named glaciers and over 100 others

(The unnamed ones are the big ones’ little brothers).

Now named glaciers are down to 25,

And global warming is making it hard for those to stay alive.

According to USGS Ecologist Dan Fargre,

By decade’s end, the rest may have gone away.

All those climate change naysayers should listen to Dan

And work to stop warming while we still can.

And a propos,

Please sign the EDF petition below.


Here’s your theme music, Big Yellow Taxi by the incomparable Joni Mitchell.

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