Give ‘Em Hell Rachel

July 22nd, 2010

A follow-up to our earlier pieces about putting majority rights up for majority vote, DC Archbishop Opposition to Gay Marriage, Separate and Unequal in DC, and Don’t Fear the Reefer, inspired by Rachel Maddow’s report on Harry Truman’s military integration survey.

As part of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,

A survey is being taken of military personnel.

I don’t have an issue with soldier’s preferences’ being revealed,

As long as the results are used to determine how, not if, DADT is repealed.

Besides, I’m confident that the survey will show,

As those who saw Dan Choi on Rachel tonight know,

That today’s military isn’t as homophobic as the army of old

Or as those who oppose DADT’s repeal uphold.

Some who said we didn’t need a survey about gays

Pointed out that Truman didn’t do desegregation surveys.

Actually, as it turns out, he did do one,

And the results could have desegregation undone.

The survey showed that 93% of the troops opposed desegregation

(Probably similar to the feeling then in the rest of the nation),

But Truman showed leadership and did the right thing,

Without the catastrophic results critics thought desegregation would bring.

I don’t think your report will get Truman more fans on the right,

And will probably lots of opposition excite.

Unlike other  modern leaders, Far Rightists don’t hate him,

But this will give them more than enough reason to berate him.

As you in your comment so powerfully note,

Minority rights are not subject to majority vote.

That’s something that I believe strongly too,

And have said before, though not as eloquently as you.

Thank God (and/or the Founders) that we have a Constitution

(Even though its interpretation is often subject to confusion).

As Teabaggers like to point out, we have a Constitutional Republic,

Which means people’s rights aren’t determined by the general public.

It’s ironic that many of those who most oppose gay equal rights

Go on and on about their constitutional rights.

Of course, they care more about some rights than others,

And more about their rights than the rights of others.

On a broader note, Rachel, tonight’s show was one of your best,

And that’s a high bar, given the quality of all the rest.

So thanks, and keep up the good work,

And don’t worry about that Fox News jerk.


Here’s Rachel’s 7/22/10 report on President Truman’s implementation of military desegregation in spite of a military survey that showed it to be highly unpopular among the troops.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s Rachel’s 7/22/10 report on Daniel Choi’s military discharge. Unfortunate, since it seemed for a while that he was going to be reinstated. But as he told Rachel, he plans to reenlist after DADT is repealed.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s a scene from the excellent one-man show, Give ‘Em Hell Harry, starring James Whitmore. Truman was quite a character.

And here’s your theme music, I’m Just Wild About Harry, by Judy Garland. Truman also had a campaign version of this, which you can listen to (or buy) here.


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  1. Valerie Says:

    Awesome! this is BonzaSheila from HuffPo. -I LOVE your poems… and your site is bookmarked.

    This is totally unique; clever and interesting and very well done!

    Good luck

  2. Newsericks Says:

    Thanks, I really appreciate that, and it’s great to have you as a reader.

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