Getting Their Man (or: It’s Unfair to Say Republicans Won’t Do Whatever It Takes to Destroy Their Enemies)

April 30th, 2012

It turns out Republicans are willing to spend billions and “move heaven and earth” to destroy their enemies.


“It’s not worth spending billions of dollars and trying to move heaven and earth just to catch one person.” — Mitt Romney


From the day he was sworn in, the President devoted himself to getting Osama,

While Republicans devoted themselves to getting Obama.


Forget about a honeymoon period:

Republicans set out to destroy him, period.


They met within hours of the inauguration

To secretly plot the President’s annihilation.


They’d use all their power and resources to accomplish that goal

And regain complete political control.


It’s unfair to say Republicans aren’t committed to destroying their enemies no matter the cost,

And making sure Dems in 2010 and 2012 lost.


So the President and GOP cabal were in their devotion and approach really the same:

Even the object of their destruction had a similar-sounding name.


Just substitute the “s” with a “b”

And you have the heart and soul of the GOP.


Republicans are willing to invest billions in a plan

To weaken and destroy a single man.


Sure, Romney said it wasn’t worth moving heaven and earth to get Osama,

But it sure is worth that to Republicans to destroy Obama.


Here are Rev. Al’s 4/30/12 reports on the Bin Laden anniversary and GOP’s secret plan to destroy Obama, hatched within hours of his inauguration. Rev. Al interviews Robert Draper, the author of the new book that broke that news of the secret Inauguration Day GOP plan.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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One Response to “Getting Their Man (or: It’s Unfair to Say Republicans Won’t Do Whatever It Takes to Destroy Their Enemies)”

  1. Susil Says:

    I think that if Romney remains the csnoistent conservative that he claims to be, he’ll get another shot at the nomination sometime down the line. You’re joking right? Willard would never find a more perfect scenario to become the Republican nominee as he had in 2008, yet he still managed to repel the majority of Republican voters in almost every region of the country. He spent a huge chunk of his family fortune ($10 per vote no less), had the conservative establishment supporting him, yet still somehow managed to come in third place on Super Tuesday. Would it even be logistically possible for Willard to finance another $100 million campaign, half or more from his own campaign, when he failed to win a single prominent battle in this year’s primaries, save for the one in Michigan that McCain basically forfeited. he’s young and he still has plenty of opportunity to have a bright political future. Willard Romney’s career in public office is almost assuredly over. I have a little bit of egg on my face as well for taking this guy seriously for nearly a year. As recently as November, I gave him an 80% chance of winning the nomination due to his phantom strength in the early states.“Out of love for America, I must stand aside.”One of the more hilarious concession speeches I’ve ever heard. Secretary of the Treasury Romney? Vice President Romney? McCain needs the conservative support, and when it comes to fiscal matters Romney would be a strong choice. I expect McCain is too petty to let his personal grievances with Willard trump any political advantage it may offer to put Willard in his administration. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but McCain’s sandbox-worthy petulance towards Willard in the last debate gives me doubts.

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