Get Your Big Government Out of There

February 3rd, 2011

A follow-up to Not Raped Enough.


“It’s not the government’s money, it’s the people’s money.” — George W. Bush
“…except when it’s about abortion.” – H.R. 3 (paraphrased)
“If we continue to use government force authorized by narrow minorities to attempt to achieve social goals, we will continue to feed the spiral of violence that has created so much human misery through the Twentieth Century.” – Mack Tanner,


In addition to redefining rape to require that it be forcible,

The GOP wants to redefine where that restriction is enforceable.


The way the GOP does this is through distortion

Of what constitutes federal funding for abortion.


The Hyde Amendment defined that in a straightforward way:

Federal funds couldn’t directly fund abortion in any way.


The new House bills seek this concept of “federal” funding to expand

(Ironic, since the GOP usually wants anything federal banned).


Corporations deduct health insurance costs as business expenses,

But the proposed GOP with that ability dispenses.


Repubs want to eliminate that deduction,

Using the tax code to encourage forced reproduction.


The bill would also restrict policies sold by health insurance exchanges,

Which the definition of federal funding completely changes.


Policies including abortion coverage couldn’t be sold there,

Though people are spending their own money, which hardly seems fair.


It’s important to understand what the GOP is saying

In this hypocritical game they’re playing.


They’re saying all money belongs to the federal government–

I guess that’s what “get government off our backs” meant.


And by “get government off our backs” one presumes

They meant off corporations’ backs and into women’s wombs.


They complain about government being intrusive,

But what they want to do is downright abusive.


They complain about use of the tax code for social engineering,

But this time instead of complaining, they’re cheering.


And they say the individual mandate is unconstitutional because

It excessively expands the Commerce Clause?


I guess it’s OK to have Big Government controls

If they help you achieve your base’s political goals.


So please, Republicans, stop your preaching,

And Big Government over-reaching.


Here’s Jon Stewart’s 2/02/11 report on the GOP rape redefinition bill.

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