Georgia On My Mind

May 25th, 2010

Inspired by Catherine Ariemma, Georgia History Teacher, Let Students Wear Klan Outfits (Huffington Post 5/25/10).

“It was poor judgment on my part in allowing them to film at school…. That was a hard lesson learned.” — Lumpkin County High School AP History teacher Catherine Ariemma

I don’t think this teacher should be fired.

It doesn’t sound like the action was by racism inspired.

The kids were making a historical movie and wore the hoods as costumes

(The movie was going to be anti-racist, one presumes).

Sensitivity is good, but it’s possible to overdo it.

So I personally wouldn’t condemn the teacher (unless I find out there’s more to it).


Here’s your theme music, Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles.

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