George Will and the 2029 Agenda (or: The Golden Age of GOP Economic Policy)

December 1st, 2013

Inspired by Scott Walker and the 2016 agenda (Washington Post 12/01/13 page A23), in which historian George Will harkens back to the roaring twenties, when America had Republican presidents, GOP majorities in both houses of Congress, and Republican governors in 34 states, an all-time high. Together, they led America into the golden future of permanent prosperity. Or not…


“Since 2008, the number of Republican governors has increased from 21 to 30, just four short of the party’s all-time high reached in the 1920s.” — George Will


Dear George:


Given what happened in 1929, I’m not sure why

You brag about the all-time GOP governor high.


And as I’m sure you remember, Mr. Will,

Republicans also controlled the White House and Capitol Hill.


When the GOP took over in 1920, the twenties started roaring,

And Republicans started economic policy ignoring.


They monopolized power for the twenties you praise,

And led the country into serious economic malaise.


It took nine years of being economically unsound

To drive the American economy into the ground.


(George W. Bush was one year faster

In creating our second worst economic disaster.)


If in 2016 and 2020, Repubs again take state and national possession,

Then by 2029 we could have another Republican Great Depression.


Given how great a job those 1920s Republicans did,

You want a 2020s repeat? God forbid!


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