Genius Envy

September 29th, 2010

Inspired by False Claims about O’Donnell’s Education on LinkedIn (New York Times 9/29/10), Another Christine O’Donnell embellishment (The Plum Line, 9/28/10), Christine O’Donnell Lies About Attending Oxford University (Talking Points Memo 9/28/10), O’Donnell Didn’t Attend Claremont, Either (The Daily Beast 9/29/10).

Teabaggers pretend they don’t share the conceit

That it takes a fancy college degree to be one of the elite.

They go on and on about common sense,

Especially when spouting dumb nonsense.

They suggest street smarts and education can’t coexist.

(If only common sense were more common in their midst.)

But for those “leading” the Teabagger herds,

Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

In spite of their anti-Ivy League attack,

They seem enthralled by the qualifications they lack.

Why else would Christine O’Donnell fill her resume with fake qualification

And make exaggerated claims  about her education?

(Just is case you haven’t heard

She never really went to Oxford.)

Even her attendance at Claremont Graduate University

Isn’t what she portrayed it to be.

Do Christina’s followers care

That she never actually went there?

(Where she went was a place of lesser repute,

The right-wing Claremont Institute.

She went there for a three-week course,

Which isn’t quite the same, of course.)

But Christine O’Donnell isn’t the only one

Who’s sought credentials of which right-wingers usually make fun.

Teabagger candidate Joe Miller actually went to Yale–

Strange he didn’t try to hide that little detail.

Why is it that Teabaggers pretend

To not care about credentials on which success and achievement so often depend?

Though the reasons are many and complex,

It’s mainly that they suffer from an inferiority complex.

They worry that “elites” will use book learnin’ and a fancy degree

To take advantage of their stupidity.

They obsess that their political opponents are smarter,

A concern that for more educated Democrats would be a non-starter.

They therefore seek information that matches their views

(I.e., the baggersphere and Fox News).

They use “news” sources by which they won’t be challenged,

And as a result from reality become increasingly unhinged.

It’s understandable that after a hard day’s work while you’re relaxing,

Too much thinking and analysis can be taxing.

That’s especially true if you’re not used to it,

Which is why Fox viewers tend to become so fused to it.

That’s why Glenn Beck’s so beloved by the Teabagger crowd:

He makes them think they’re with great wisdom endowed.

Glenn creates that carefully crafted illusion

By spoon-feeding fans “facts” that lead to an obvious conclusion.

The problem is that Teabagger fears are well-founded,

And by watching Fox News further compounded.

But don’t worry, Teabaggers, your ignorance can be cured

And doesn’t need to be by you (and the country) endured.

And though I know the concept seems strange,

All you have to do is switch networks or read a newspaper for a change.

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