Gender Blender

November 27th, 2009

Inspired by “Six years later, gender-bending fish in our water supply remain a mystery” (Washington Post 11/24/09). Read the full report here.

I’m against gender discrimination

But that doesn’t mean I’m for gender mutation.

It seems the DC water I’ve been drinking

Out of the tap without thinking,

The water I’ve been drinking day and night

Is turning me into a hermaphrodite.

Scientists have found

That fish in the Potomac swimming around

Which started out as male

Differ from the norm by a “minor” detail.

Due to all the pollution in the rivers and seas,

They seem to have developed ovaries.

The chemicals that do this are called endocrine disrputers, 

Which are powerful reproductive system corruptors.

So for those of you worried about unnatural sexual orientation,

Here’s a problem that’s not just in your imagination.

If you’re one of the 5 million living in the Potomac watershed,

You might think it’s better to drink bottled water instead.

But that response would be too simplistic,

Since many of the male fish elsewhere have the same female characteristic. 

Don’t worry, say local officials,

We filter our drinking water and remove “most” of the  endocrine disruptor chemicals.

Should we be worried at all

That they don’t get them all?

Unfortunately, most of the fish samples collected

To determine with what these fish are infected

Can’t be scientifically tested

Due to lack of the funds requested.

Me, I think that we should know

The things that into our bodies go.

With all the pollutants

Are we all becoming mutants?


Speaking of fish and blenders, I know this video has nothing to do with environmental protection, but it’s a classic…

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