Gays in the Church

September 25th, 2009

Inspired by Decision on Gay Clergy Shakes Unity of Lutheran Denomination (Washington Post 9/25/09), which itself follows a similar decision by the Episcopal Church. Many of the injunctions against homosexuality in the Bible are more accurately translated as being against pederasty, an older man having a sexual relationship with a young boy. Pederasty is universally condemned by both gay and straight people for the same reasons that it’s illegal and immoral for an adult to have a heterosexual relationship with a child. It’s ironic that the worst examples of pederastic abuse have happened in the Catholic Church, one of gay marriage’s most bitter opponents. See also our other posts on marriage equality.


You say God hates fags.

I ask what would Jesus do?

One thing’s for sure:

He wouldn’t agree with you.


Do you think Christ would have turned away

Disciples he found out were gay?

(It would be interesting to delve

For that persuasion among the twelve.)


When Jesus said “let us pray”

He didn’t add “unless you’re gay.”

Would Jesus have condemned to Hell

Those whom he loved so well?


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