October 13th, 2010

Not a sin to confess.

Not a tendancy to repress,

Or a dangerous urge to supress.


Not a cause for distress.

Not a social ill to address,

Or justification to agress.


Not a reason to obsess.

Not a way to get attention from the press,

Or make your coaltion coalesce.


Not a minority to oppress

And of their rights dispossess,

Or even grudgingly acquiesce.


Just people: no more,

No less.


Please also check out our collections about marriage equality (including a special series on Prop 8), DADT, gay adoption, hate crimes, and the idea that people choose to be gay, or click here for our full gay rights series (leave comments to let me know what you think). For more info and to take action, click here to SIGN THIS PETION protesting anti-gay bullying.

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