Gay New York (or, Revenge of the Blue Dong Democrats)

December 3rd, 2009

As reported in Gay marriage bill suffers a decisive defeat in N.Y. State Senate (Washington Post 12/03/09), Gay Marriage Bill Fails In New York (Huffington Post 12/02/09), New York State Senate Votes Down Gay Marriage Bill (New York Times 12/02/09),  The Politics of New York’s Gay Marriage Defeat (New York 12/02/09), and New York Senate Rejects Marriage Bill for Same-Sex Couples (Human Rights Campaign 12/02/09), a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage was overwhelmingly passed by the State Assembly and supported by the Governor, but was voted down 38-24 by the New York State Senate yesterday. The National Organization for Marriage (NOMNUTS) spent $600,000 opposing the effort and vowed to raise $500,000 to defeat any Republican senator who broke ranks on the issue. None did (though several had expressed willingness to do so if that would allow the bill to pass), and even worse, eight Blue Dong Democrats joined Republicans to vote against the measure. Don’t miss the video below, and be sure to sign the HRC protest petition.

Marriage equality in New York has gone down in defeat.

I guess gay rights will have to stay in the back seat.

This is the reason, as I’ve stated before,

Why we can’t allow equal rights to depend on elections any more.

I think that it’s important to note

That if civil rights in the South had been left to a vote,

Legal discrimination would probably still exist today

And blacks would still live in fear of  the KKK.

We have a constitutional democracy

Which means that equal rights aren’t up to the majority.

The majority or its representatives don’t get to say

That someone’s rights should be taken away.

One can’t deny rights to those the majority abhor,

And equal rights aren’t something gays should have to beg the majority for

Gays have waited long enough and shouldn’t have to wait any more

(At least so said Ted Olson, the Republican lawyer from Bush v. Gore).

Remember that segregation (considered tradition and “God’s law” heretofore)

Lasted a full hundred years after the Civil War,

And probably could have lasted 100 more.

Stopping such abuse is what the Bill of Rights is for.

It looks like marriage equality will have to go back to the courts,

Put in place to protect rights that the majority thwarts.

Whether at the State or Federal level,

The fight must go on until the playing field is level.

On the brighter side, things still look good in DC,

Though that’s not much consolation to gays in NYC.

And though it’s not fair any group of their rights to deprive,

Remember, Gaysville is just a 5 hour drive.

NOMNUTS President Gallagher said the vote was revenge for right-wingers’ NY-23 defeat.

Rightists forced out a pro-gay Republican, but in the main election were beat.

Ultra-right Hoffman was beat by the Dem in spite of Hoffman’s anti-gay support

So I guess the right’s payback is marriage equality to distort.

As for you Blue Dong Dems, you should be ashamed of yourselves:

If you won’t vote for gay rights, we’ll get them ourselves.

And when it comes time for your re-election,

Don’t be surprised by the gay insurrection.


Here’s the video of State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson’s impassioned and eloquent statement of support.

HRC icon

“I’m outraged that marriage equality did not pass in New York, but I’m not going to stop fighting until marriage equality is the law of the land, in New York and across the country. I thank New York’s leaders who fought for this bill.”

PS: I was pretty psyched to have thought up the term “Blue Dong Democrats,” but unfortunately, someone else already has (it inexplicitly doesn’t appear to have caught on though – Google only found 13 references when I did my search). Someone else also already thought of my modified abbreviation NOMNUTS for the National Organization for Marriage (but again, Google only found 2 prior references, so it hasn’t yet caught on). Bummer.

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