Gay Marriage in the Nation’s Capital

October 9th, 2009

Inspired by “Same-sex marriage bill in DC appears unstoppable,” “Gay Marriage Bill Unveiled Before Packed D.C. Council Chambers,” and  “DC to Introduce Same Sex Marriage Bill: Measure is Expected to Pass Congress” (Washington Post 10/06/09). Frank Wolf (R-VA) says he opposes it, but acknowledges that Republicans probably won’t be in a position to overturn the bill unless and until  they recover the majority.


A long overdue change is coming to DC

The Nation’s capitol will get marriage equality.

The bill says “any person…may marry any other eligible person regardless of gender.”

But watch out for the GOP marriage defender!


Enter Rep Wolf (R-VA), who says he opposes it,

But he’s in the minority, and he knows it.

So the GOP will have to wait until they’re back in power

DC to further disempower.


Where Wolf comes from, I’m sad to say,

Social conservatives still hold sway.

But time marches on, including in VA:

Change will come there too some day.


Until then, VA’s gay sons and daughters

Will make their way across the Potomac’s waters

Where their orientation isn’t legally banned

And gay-bashing hatred isn’t perennially fanned.


“Virginia is for Lovers”

(You should add “Some restrictions apply”).

How can a Commonwealth

Marriage equality deny?


VA’s situation to the Nation’s is akin:

Congressional Republicans know this time they can’t win,

But they still want to make their case,

Because it helps mobilize their base.


The shame is that DC remains Congress’s toy,

Their powerless plaything and whipping boy.

Isn’t it time this tyranny was overthrown?

Isn’t it time we had rights of our own?


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