Gay March on Washington

October 12th, 2009

As reported in “Gay Rights Advocates March on DC, Divided on Obama” ( 10/11/09 4:06 pm), thousands of gay and straight protesters marched on DC on Sunday demanding equal rights.


Protesters marched yesterday.

Lady Gaga led the way.


Many marched because they’re gay.

Some are straight but came anyway.


They marched to make their voices heard

And commemorate Matt Shepard.


They marched prejudices to dispel

And to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.


They marched as equals in God’s sight

Who deserve an equal marriage right.


They marched because the 14th Amendment

Shouldn’t depend on popular consent.


They marched because gay love’s not sin

And shouldn’t make you a second class citizen.


They marched to turn words into actions

(Equality doesn’t come in fractions).


They marched to demand acceleration.


They marched to express their indignation.


They marched to end discrimination.


They marched to make this

A better Nation.


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