Gas Price Schadenfreude

February 21st, 2012

Inspired by Republicans’ gleefulness about rising gas prices.



Is overjoyed

About rising gas prices

(That’s called Schadenfreud’).


(Schadenfreude is when you take pleasure

In others’ bad luck,

And hope bad things will happen,

Your rivals to f**k)


Ask yourselvesAmerica,

Who wants gas prices to keep rising

And has a hard time,

Their gleefulness disguising?


Who is it that hopes

Rising gas cost

Will ensure the President’s

Reelection is lost?


What does it tell you that

Republicans didn’t seem to mind

When gas and oil prices rose even more

When they the wheel were behind.


And in case you had trouble

The real truth discerning,

Ask yourself which party benefits

From rising oil company earning.


The answers will tell you how much Republicans care

About your pocketbook’s protection,

Versus defeating Obama

And winning the election.

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