October 10th, 2012

Inspired by all the back-and-forth about Joe Biden’s tendency to make “gaffes.”



“Gaffability: (1) Occasional gaffes which while sometimes laughable, also reveal character and make someone more likeable; (2) Occasional gaffes which demonstrate more ability and self-confidence rather than less.” – New Newsericks Dictionary 


For those who are of Joe Biden‘s “gaffes” critical,

Has even one of them shown him to be hypocritical?


Has even one of Joe Biden’s “gaffes” revealed him to be cruel or uncaring?

(Try each of them with all of Romney’s gaffes comparing.)


An unguarded unscripted comment, like Joe’s,

Who a person really is shows.


(That is equally true about Mitt

Who regularly a different kind of gaffe does commit.)


Each Biden “gaffe” makes me like him more

Then I ever did before.


That’s because Biden’s “gaffes” reveal

That he’s a good person, and real.


Is Joe Biden a “gaffe machine”?

No: Joe Biden is a human being.


Here’s Chuck Todd’s 10/10/12 discussion of Joe Biden’s supposed gaffiness.

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