G-O-Tea (or Grand Old Tea Party)

January 5th, 2011

Inspired by GOP grapples with how to reward tea partiers (WashingtonPost.com 11/05/10), Tea Party-backed freshmen win plum committee assignments (The Hill 12/12/10), The House freshmen:  A majority of the new House Republicans had tea party backing during the midterms (WashingtonPost.com 1/05/11).

The GOP has completed its transformation, at least in the House.

The “Establishment” has gone from being the lion to the mouse.

Politics is mostly about greater numbers,

And the Tea Party the “Establishment” now outnumbers.

Will the old-timers tow the Tea Party line, as they appear to have opted,

Or will Teabaggers, like previous revolutonaries, be co-opted?

Will there be a deep-down Tea Party takeover,

Or just a skin-deep makeover?

Will the Tea Party takeover become official,

Or will the changes remain superficial?

Will the Tea Party firebrands prevail?

Who will be the dog and who will be the tail?

Who will dance, and who’ll call the tune

(With the debt ceiling vote, we’ll know pretty soon).

Though I usually oppose the GOP establishment,

I fear that Teabaggers a greater threat represent.

So I for one hope that the GOP

Doesn’t become the G-O-Tea.

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