From a Father

July 21st, 2010

This really happened, exactly as described, as I was walking the dog this morning. It was particularly poignant to me, since today is a big day for one of my daughters. Hopefully it will mean something to others too.

As I was walking the dog this morning

I saw, up ahead, what looked life a leaf floating in the air.

It was just floating there, motionless,

With no visible means of support.

I walked right up to it (it was at eye level)

And saw that it was a cocoon.

The butterfly had broken through the top

And was trying to climb out.

(All I could see was her still worm-like head,

But I think she was a butterfly.)

The cocoon hung there by it’s invisible silken thread

As the butterfly struggled to break free.

It couldn’t have been easy, but she was making progress,

Very slowly.

Little by little she emerged.

I wanted to help her,

But I knew it would do more harm than good

To try to pull her out.

Every so often, the breeze blew the cocoon

Back and forth.

That couldn’t have made things

Any easier for the butterfly.

Then, the thread broke

And the cocoon fell to the sidewalk.

I looked.

The butterfly had pulled itself back into the cocoon.

I picked up the cocoon

And carefully set it in the nook of a tree branch.

I hope

She’ll be OK.


Here’s your (and I mean your, special girl) theme music for today, If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out by Cat Stevens.


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