Free in DC

December 15th, 2009

Inspired by the passage today of the DC marriage equality law (see DC: Gay Marriage Vote PASSES City Council and D.C. Council approves same-sex marriage bill). Like the gay couple described in Waiting to Wed Where it Matters (Washington Post 10/11/09), over ten thousand gay couples are expected to wed during the first several years of legalized gay marriage in the District. See also Two Republicans Stand by Same Sex Marriage (Washington Post 10/15/09).


The DC same-sex marriage bill has passed.

DC gays can legally marry at last.

So here’s to DC — hip hip horray:

There’s finally marriage equality if you’re gay.


Of course, Congress has the last word

(DC’s still a colony, in case you hadn’t heard).

But luckily the Dems are in charge now

And DC’s marriage law are unlikely to disallow.


That’s a victory for equal rights and the Constitution

To which I hope my blog made some (small) contribution.

But the real credit goes to the Council Members and local activists

Who refused to let the issue be dismissed.


Now if only they and other DC residents

Could do more than elect Presidents.

Still, one step at a time,

And stay tuned for more commentary in rhyme.

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