Fracking Disgusting

July 30th, 2010

Inspired by ‘Gasland’ Documentary Shows Water That Burns, Toxic Effects Of Natural Gas Drilling (Huffington Post 6/21/10) and GOP Opposes Federal Fracking Regs Regardless of Whether EPA Finds Poisoning (David Sirota, Huffington Post 7/29/10).



Is the oil and gas


Tap water on fire?

That’s OK.

Maybe it will just

Go away.

Benzene in your water?

Don’t worry.

The GOP is

In no hurry.

Fracking injects underground

High-pressure toxic fluid

Something the Clean Water Act

Should forbid.

But Republicans under Bush

Passed an exemption,

Meaning States couldn’t regulate it either

Due to federal preemption.

And last year, the GOP blocked

The proposed FRAC Act requiring disclosure

Of use of chemicals that might result in

Groundwater toxic exposure.

(Forget about regulating that—

The GOP didn’t even want people knowing

About the toxic chemicals that

In their groundwater were going.)

Now, Obama’s EPA

Has undertaken a study

About possibly regulating

The GOP’s good buddy.

The study is to determine if fracking fluid

Is poisoning people,

But the GOP has come to the defense of

The oil and gas people.

18 Republicans

From the Centennial State

Wrote EPA that

Fracking is great.

They demanded that fracking fluid

Never be regulated,

Even if the EPA study finds

Poisonous groundwater is being created.

Burning benzene water

Is not a game,

And the GOP position

Is a fracking shame.

And that public officials

Who the people are entrusting

Would so ignore the public interest

Is fracking disgusting.


Here’s Jon Stewart’s 6/21/10 interview with Gasland documentarian Josh Fox, including clips from the documentary on fracking’s harmful effects.

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