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October 16th, 2012

Inspired by Luntz Focus Group Swings to Romney, Accusing Obama of ‘Bull-Sh***ing’ (Fox News 10/16/12).


“Our next president.” – Frank Luntz focus group participant (speaking of Mitt Romney, of course)
“Foxus group: A market research focus group (generally consisting of Foxists) organized and implemented by Fox News in order to promote a pre-ordained narrative, rather than to obtain objective information and views as is the case with actual focus groups.” – New Newsericks Dictionary 


 How does a foxus group from the usual focus group vary?

 In a word: very.


The latter seeks questions of popular opinion answers to give,

While the former seeks to support a pre-ordained narrative.


It’s a classic case of misdirection

(The key is in focus group member selection).


Truth and facts? They don’t give a damn.

Like Fox’s slogan, the foxus group is a sham.


Like their polls, foxus groups tell Republicans what they want to hear,

Allowing GOP leaders to continue tapping the gullible financier.


And so, how perversely fitting

That Luntz’s group accuses Obama of “bullsh***ing.”


Here’s Luntz’s focus group.

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