Fox News

September 6th, 2009

“We report, you decide”

“You comport, we deride.”

“We distort, you relied.”

“You support, we divide.”


“We purport, you applied.”

 “You accept, we misguide.”

“We report, you believe.”

“You blindly follow, we deceive.”


The most popular news show?

You report what you don’t know,

Or what you know isn’t true.

We got Bush and Iraq, thanks to you.

And still you’re not through.


Give the Presidency respect?

On that you’re strangely circumspect.

Give Obama some credit?

But he’s a white-hating Hitler (you said it).

A liberal criticizing Bush was a traitor

But you praise the rabid gun-toting government-hater.


To the extreme right wing you pander.

What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

Your demagogues deprave us.

The most watched news show?

God save us!

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2 Responses to “Fox News”

  1. Newsericks » Blog Archive » Que Sherrod Sherrod? Says:

    […] (Surprising from a news network so prestigious). […]

  2. Francine Says:

    “it must really be a slow news day.”No! Actually these days every day is a very big news day!. The sesiourly big problem facing us is that the global corporate news media doesn’t want you to know that that your country and your national sovereignty is being sold out from under you. In fact, the mainstream globalists news media are deliberately dumbing you down and keeping you in the dark with bullshit stories about Paris Hilton, gay marriage and “Women Dreaming About Sex More Often.” Meanwhile Bush is actually ramming threw these suicidal “fast track” trade deals, along with the unconstitutional and tyrannical North American Union project. These traitors move from one objective to the next, in stealth and behind closed doors, while we’re being spoon-fed our daily dose of digestible tabloid junk news! It’s all propaganda and it’s being done to distract us from the reality that our God given civil rights and our very livelihood are now being sold off in the name of a New Word Order and for the purpose of giving us total equality as a new members of the global community of serfs and peons. You seem like a smart women! Try looking for some smart news! See my killer blog “Tyranny and Mutation”.Take care,Sid

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