For Their Own Good (or, Why Republicans and Independents Should Vote Dem)

October 26th, 2010

I hope the GOP doesn’t win this election,

And not just because of my party predilection.

Republicans must lose (and lose they should)

For their own (and the Country’s) good.

It’s like when a child a wrong does commit:

They learn the wrong lesson when allowed to get away with it.

It’s understandable that voters by the ongoing (Bush) recession are discouraged,

But Republicans see this as supporting their methods, and are further encouraged.

The GOP needs to learn that obstruction and extremism are not the right answer,

And can be fatal if allowed to metastacize, like a cancer.

Republicans should not be rewarded

Because they every policy initiative thwarted.

(That includes initiatives they previously supported,

But when proposed by Obama supported them, blocked and distorted.)

The reason Republicans perceive Obama as so far to the left

Is because they themselves of reason and perspective are bereft.

(Why else would they have so vociferously and maliciously opposed

Healthcare reform identical to what Republican Bob Dole proposed?)

Today’s GOP, with almost all of its moderates purged

And increasing numbers of extremists as “leaders” emerged

Is no longer the Republican Party of yore,

Passing of which even many Republicans deplore.

The GOP did used to have some strong points,

Which is why their move to the extreme so disappoints.

Now, we need to help them, since they can’t help themselves,

To again find their more moderate selves.

If not rewarded with a win, maybe Republicans will learn their lesson,

And in the next two years their obstruction and extremism lessen.

Just like parents through the ages have understood:

Vote Dem, everyone: it’s for the GOP’s own good.

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