For My Lovable Daughter

February 7th, 2011

It seems that teenage girls (of which I now have two) can never have too many clothes…

 “Heya sooooo I altered my order and added three more things! But its still the same amount! So its a better order and it has better value! Thats jus me being money smart! love you daddy!” – My lovable dear sweet daughter

It’s hard to say no to

A girl you love so much,

Especially when she has

Such a soft touch.

I don’t want to say no,

But I must confess…

I also don’t

Want to say yes.

So I’ll give you an answer

That you’ll think isn’t so great.

I know you want those things,

But for now, you’ll have to wait.

I know you expected me to say yes

Since you’ve got me wrapped around your little fingers,

But anticipation is so much more fun

When it lingers.

I’d prefer to wait until

Some special occasion.

Otherwise, spoiling you seems

A parental abdication.

So let’s wait

A little bit longer.

Then, your pleasure will be

So much stronger.

So keep the things you want

In your shopping cart saved.

And make sure you stay

Well behaved.

Then I’ll consider getting you

What you desire…

As long as the price

Doesn’t keep getting higher.

In the meantime please remember

That I love you deeply.

Especially when that love

Can be bought more cheaply.

But also recall love isn’t measured

By dollars alone,

And unlike you blouses and jackets,

It’s never outgrown.

I hope that you’ve

Enjoyed my response in verse.

Sure, it could have been better,

But it also could have been worse.

So go to bed now

And dream a sweet dream.

Remember that the clothes you have now

Aren’t as bad as they seem.

And I hope you’re not mad.




 Here’s your theme music, the classic You Can’t Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones.


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