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September 9th, 2010

Inspired by the newly rennovated Georgetown Safeway, and disgusted with the SUV driver who parked in one of the spaces reserved for energy efficient cars tonight.

The Georgetown Safeway has a great new complex

Where grocery shopping now even more with socializing intersects.

There’s a Starbucks, a sushi bar, and a gelatto bar too,

It’s open all night, and they have free wifi too

(Regular readers remember I went there during the big blackout

When the city was with power without.)

One of the things Safeway did during their remodel

Is make their new building and energy efficiency model.

Safeway was awarded the coveted (and strenuous) LEED certification,

Meaning they’re one of the most efficient buildings in the nation.

For those who want to be certified, LEED sets a very high bar,

Including encouragement for folks who drive a high efficiency car.

Safeway does that with special parking spaces near the door,

Which I’d never seen before.

I drive a Prius, as my regular readers know,

So that’s one more reason for me to the Safeway to go.

I can be sure of finding a convenient parking space,

Which when I go somewhere else isn’t always the case.

Imagine my disappointment tonight when I found the last special space taken

By a driver who both efficiency and the environment had forsaken,

A giant SUV so gas guzzling that it my poor Prius negates,

A GMC Yukon with Texas plates.

Mr. Texas, you and your Yukon should be ashamed:

It’s you and your kind that for global warming are blamed.

You drive that giant gas guzzler, and then rub it in our faces

By parking in the energy efficient vehicle parking places?

I guess that the only person in the world that matters is you.

Do you also park in handicapped spaces too?

Like energy, a parking space is a limited resource:

You think you’re entitled to all of it, of course.

For once, Texas, why don’t you try following the LEEDer

Instead of being a self-centered bottom feeder.

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