Fighting Over Crumbs

March 4th, 2011

“We have to give out those billions of dollars in bonuses because they’re legal contracts.” – GOP and Big Business
“But we don’t have to give out those millions of dollars in pension contributions, even though they’re legal contracts.” – GOP and Big Business
“A dozen cookies are put down in front of a CEO, a union member, and a Tea Partier. The CEO takes 11. Then he says to the Tea Partier, ‘That union guy wants yours.’” – former Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner explaining Ohio’s current situation


The rich have tricked workers into fighting over scraps like cats and dogs

While they’re scarfing down millions at the public trough like hogs.

Normally, it’s the province of over-reachers

To try to get people riled up about fat cat teachers.

And though we left-wing intellectuals at such an idea may scoff,

The GOP and Big Business seem to have actually pulled it off.

It’s an example of brilliant misdirection,

But it risks sending our country even further in the wrong direction.

Having taken away most private sector wage growth, benefits, and rights,

The GOP and Big Business are now creating worker-on-worker internecine fights.

They must be pretty pleased with themselves

To get the rest of us fighting among ourselves.

But private sector workers, it’s pretty dumb

To fight your own brothers and sisters over a crumb.


Here’s Ezra Klein 2/21/11 on The Last Word talking about how Dems missed an opportunity to channel and make use of populist anger at Big Business and the rich (that’s at the 5” mark in the clip, most of which is a discussion of whether Gov. Walker and the GOP are overreaching with their anti-union measure).

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Here’s Hardball’s 2/25/11 panel discussion on the continuing GOP attempt to pit the working and middle classes against each other. (Note especially Christie’s comment.)

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Here’s Jon Stewart’s 2/28/11 and 3/03/11 commentary on the GOP success in pitting the American public against those damned fat-cat teachers, instead of upstanding bankers.

Here’s Rachel’s 3/02/11 report on the union-bashing bill in Ohio, along with the cookie quote.

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