February 25th, 2010

What makes America a great country? It’s our government. Maybe it doesn’t always succeed, but it at least tries (or at least it does when Democrats are in charge) to make people’s lives better. That’s the basic principal of Liberalism. I’ve lived in countries where the government doesn’t do that, where government officials just spend their time trying to increase their own and their supporters’ power and wealth (as in America ca. 2000-08). Life there stinks. Government is SUPPOSED to serve the people—that’s not called Socialism, it’s called American Democracy, as established by our Founding Fathers and saved from a likely real Socialist Revolution by one of our greatest presidents ever, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR, who has now inexplicably (yet all too explicably, as explained below) become the bete noire for the Far Right. But that actually tells us more about them than about FDR…

To Ann and Glenn:

You and other Republicans demonize FDR,

Who made America who we today are.

I know that’s why they view him with such hate,

But to most Americans, that’s why FDR was great.

The fact that you go so far

Is indicative of just how extreme you are.

For decades, the consensus has been that Americans FDR adore

(That’s why we put him on Mount Rushmore).

What’s next, you America-hating revisionists—

Is there any more history you want dismissed?

Maybe Lincoln shouldn’t have ended slavery

(After all, the welfare state is much more unsavory).

Maybe the South should have won the Civil War

(After all, you still support what they were fighting for).

Maybe we were wrong to rebel from King George

(Think of the alliance the parties of Reagan and Thatcher could forge).

Maybe we should have let the Nazis and Japan win World War 2

(Until Bush, nation building was something the GOP didn’t do).

Oh wait, “conservatives” already hold these kinds of views,

To which they testify regularly on Fox News.

But in spite of all the anti-socialist things they say,

So-called conservatives today

Don’t realize the alternative to FDR wasn’t the status quo:

That was unsustainable, and had to go.

If FDR hadn’t come along and done what he did,

It’s not his “socialism” of which we’d now be rid.

FDR’s policies forestalled a Socialist revolution

That many in America then saw as the solution.

So when you demonize him, Glenn and Ann

Like in the video below on CSPAN,

Just remember that he avoided the schism

That could have destroyed American capitalism.

If that had happened, then you’d really see

What real Socialists look like (hint: it’s not Obama, or me).

Trust me, I’ve lived in Socialist countries before

And ours isn’t anything like the system you deplore.

And I’ve met actual Socialists (and those who oppose them,

But lack a free press to criticize and expose them).

They’re doctrinaire and broach no dissent,

And condemn opponents as traitors who evil forces represent.

Sound familiar? It does to me.

Because they remind me of today’s GOP,

And especially your lunatic fringe

That makes the rest of America cringe.

If FDR hadn’t succeeded

And America’s “Socialist threat” hadn’t receded,

Then I’m sure you two, Ann and Glenn, would still be fine,

Since you’re very good at towing the Party line.

Instead of being sent to the gulag, as happens to real revolutionaries,

I think you’d probably be among the top government functionaries

Sending other people there instead

When they challenged the Party line in what they did or said.

I know, because I’ve met people that such things did and do,

And they talk and act just like you.

Maybe the real reason you hate FDR’s accomplishments presidential

Is that he stopped you from reaching your full authoritarian potential.


Here’s Ann Coulter saying that if she’d be any historic figure she’d be FDR so she could not do the New Deal; Franken responds that he thinks it would be more important to be Hitler and not do the Holocaust.

Here’s Glenn Beck in Jan. 2008 on his show attacking FDR as one “evil son of a bitch” (courtesy of the Young Turks).

Here’s Glenn speaking at CPAC on 2/20/10 (courtesy of CSPAN), furiously attacking FDR.

Here’s Keith Oberman’s Sep. 2009 send-off to Glenn Beck for Glenn’s search for communism in Rockefeller Center (plus movie scenes are from the excellent and hilarious movie Young Frankenstein).

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