Fake Veterans (or, What, Me Investigate?)

May 21st, 2010

“It would be atypical for the attorney general’s office to initiate an investigation into a nonprofit.” – Cuccinelli Press Secretary Brian Gottstein

“It’s would be atypical for the attorney general’s office to initiate an investigation into a nonprofit public university’s use of research grants.” – me

“It’s would be atypical for an attorney general’s office to use state resources to mount a Constitutional challenge that no one (even Cuccinelli’s supporters) think has any chance of succeeding.” – me again


I realize you’ve got your climate change and healthcare investigations

And therefore too busy to check out actual criminal accusations.

But I’d think you’d want to take the time

To investigate a real crime.

But you refuse to look into people who would stoop

To setting up and exploiting a fake veterans group.

At least that tells us what your priorities are.

Given the Tea Party’s GOP takeover, I’m sure you’ll go far.

The further the better, for Virginia’s sake:

I don’t know how much more of you your home state can take.


Here’s Rachel’s 5/20/10 report.

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