Fairness to Mitt (…He Didn’t Say Which Taxpayers He Plans to Serve)

April 24th, 2012

More on Mitt’s speech tonight


“We will stop the unfairness of politicians getting higher pay and benefits than the taxpayers they serve.” — Mitt Romney tonight in New Hampshire



This is the one thing Mitt said tonight that’s true

Because Romney wasn’t talking about you.


What gives Mitt the certainty and nerve

To guarantee politicians won’t get paid more than the taxpayers they serve?


Because the taxpayers Mitt and his fellow Republicans will be serving

Will be limited to those of such representation deserving.


He’ll serve only those who make more than the highest paid government workers,

Who as everyone knows are all just overpaid shirkers.


Of course, those who cooperate will eventually make their own millions

When they leave government and become civilians.


Congressmen and their staffers are particularly welcome,

Highly compensated lobbyists and “consultants” to become.


They’ll be well paid to make sure the special interests they serve are protected

And that only those who serve the rich are elected.


So thank you Mitt, for this uncharacteristic sincerity

Regarding the true fairness of taxpayer disparity.


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