Faggots Must Die

September 23rd, 2010

As reported in “All Faggots Must Die” (JoeMyGod 9/21/10), Chambliss office drags feet on investigating source of homophobic slur (Daily Kos 9/22), and Sen. Chambliss’ Office Admits Hateful Anti-Gay Blog Comments Originated There (GLAAD 9/23/10), there’s been some more homophobic material (this time unofficial) coming from Senator’s office.

“All faggots must die.” – Comment posted after attempted DADT repeal vote on JoeMyGod.com by “Jimmy,” who turned out to be an as-yet unidentified staffperson from the office of Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)

I’m sure the culprit willl be tracked down and fired,

But the real problem is that he was even hired.

The problem is that he mirrors his boss’s view,

And that of many others in the GOP too.

That office has been the source of anti-gay rhetoric before,

So it’s no surprise that it’s now the source of more.

Chambliss is the one that sets the example,

And this latest blog post is just one more sample.

In Chambliss’s defense, he’s not as anti-gay as in the past

(In HRC ratings, he regularly comes in among the last).


For the 100th Congress, he earned a whopping 20% rating,

Indicating a significant degree of homophobic hating.

Bad, but still better than his last two ratings (both a zero).

Compared to that, 20% makes him a gay rights hero.

Is it any surprise that his office includes some real creeps?

After all, a man is known by the company he keeps.

And yes Jimmy, many “faggots” will in fact continue to die,

In service to their country, while still being forced to live a lie.


Here’s Countdown’s 9/22/10 report, including an interview with advocate, author, and columnist Dan Savage (who’s justifiably savage with Chambliss) and some more footage on Senator McCain’s Don’t Know, Don’t Care attitude about DADT enforcement.

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