Eye of Newt (or: Budget is in the Eye of the Beholder)

February 25th, 2011

Inspired by Why a shutdown beats standing down: Newt Gingrich that the ’95 shutdown helped America and the GOP (Newt Gingrich, Washington Post 2/25/11).

“The Washington establishment believes that the government shutdown of 1995 was a disastrous mistake that accomplished little and cost House Republicans politically. The facts are exactly the opposite. While the shutdown produced some short-term pain, it set the stage for a budget deal in 1996 that led to the largest drop in federal discretionary spending since 1969. The discipline imposed by this budget – overall spending grew at an average of 2.9 percent a year while I was speaker of the House, the slowest rate in decades – allowed us to reach a balanced-budget deal in 1997. This would all have been impossible had Republicans not stood firm in 1995 and shown the American people (and the White House) that we were serious about reducing spending.” – Newt Gingrich


White is black and black is white.

Dems are always wrong, and the Right always right.

We already know that Dems are responsible for all deficits and the Bush recession,

But now Newt Gingrich provides us with a startling confession.

It turns out Repubs are to thank for the Clinton surplus.

(And here we Dems thought it was thanks to us.)

But according to Newt, what the rest of us thought all along

Was actually patently, hopelessly wrong.

And that’s why Newt wants to shut the government down again.

After all, it worked out so well for him then.

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