May 8th, 2012

I think it’s time, Mr. President.


Mr. President, I think now is the time,

Especially since recent pronouncements the pump have primed.


I don’t even think it will hurt you politically

(The Religious Right could hardly treat you any more critically).


I think that Blacks and Latinos can take it–

That coalition is so strong, I doubt this could break it.


It will motivate LGBT advocates to get fully involved

Who may be waiting for you to be fully evolved.


But more important, and I hope most important to you,

Marriage equality is the right thing to do.


Sure, evolving can bring political danger,

But you have a chance to be a real opinion-changer.


You’ve taken political risks to do the right thing before,

And now is the time to do it once more.


Mr. President, America is ready:

Please, evolve already.


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