Essence of Money (or: The Capital Gains Tax Preference Stinks)

January 2nd, 2012

Inspired by How one loophole helps wealthy Americans pay less taxes (Center for Public Policy iWatch News1/01/12).


I’m not for changing that because I think that the capital gains tax…is the essence of what we believe is an entrepreneurial-based free market economy.” – Eric Cantor


Because of a unjustifiable tax code quirk

People who make money from money are taxed less than those who make money from work.


Income is income, so why should that matter?

This is what with the tax code is the matter.


But like Eric said, that rich people tax giant tax breaks receive

Is the essence of what Republicans about the free market believe.


Eric, that cologne you’re wearing gives off such a strong fume

That we can smell you coming before you even enter the room.


Why should people who make money from money be taxed at rates that are so much lower than those who make money from work? The answer: They shouldn’t be.

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