Entry Level

January 10th, 2012

A follow-up to You’re Fired, inspired by Romney’s money whoas (Dana Milbank,Washington Post1/10/12, A2).


“I started off, actually, at the entry level, coming out of graduate school.” – Mitt Romney yesterday, trying to dispel his silver-spoon rich guy image




At entry level, you got a starting salary more than most people make at the height of their career,

So your attempt to come across as a regular guy seems less than sincere.


I get that you people’s anger about your firing comment to assuage,

But you won’t do that by equating a six-figure starting salary to minimum wage.


Mitt Romney graduated from Harvard with dual law and business degrees. Starting salaries with an MBA (let alone an MBA-JD) in management consulting are well over $100K. I’m not saying those kids are necessarily overpaid, given their qualifications, but I do think it’s a stretch to try to make it sound like you started your first job at minimum wage and then worked your way up until you finally made it big.


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