October 27th, 2012

 A follow-up to Epic, inspired by Romney has faith in power of his message (Philip Rucker, Washington Post 10/27/12, page A6).


“Shunning the kind of large entourage that President Obama keeps, Romney was accompanied by just two trusted advisers, Stuart Stevens and Kevin Madden. He stayed nourished (on this afternoon, as on so many others, by a crunchy peanut butter and honey sandwich), as his campaign bus trekked across 300 miles of Ohioroads… He believes that the ‘big change’ and ‘real change’ he offers could nurse an ailing economy back to health. He believes that if he repeats this message over and over again, as he did Thursday in Cincinnati and Worthington and Defiance, that he can methodically sway voters to his side. He believes that he can grind out a win in Ohio, despite the big advantage that Obama enjoyed here only a few weeks ago. He believes.” – Washington Post Romney ad


Mitt Romney sure comes across as down-to-earth and romantic,

Or is just that the Washington Post being sycophantic.


Contrary to what the Romney campaign via Mr. Rucker says,

Obama has an entourage because he happens to be Pres.


I get that Mitt Romney wants to make himself appear less out-of-touch,

But does the Washington Post have to cooperate so much?


Here’s the intro for the series which inspired our title (the song is Superhero by Janes Addiction). I’ve always liked your other stuff, Mr. Rucker (in fact, you’ve made multiple appearances in my blog), but this piece read more like a Romney campaign brochure than a Washington Post article. Are you sure you haven’t joined Mitt Romney’s entourage and made him your new superhero?


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