Ensign Pull Over

October 7th, 2009

A follow-up to our earlier Ensign post, 10/01/09 19:50 — Sen. Ensign’s unhealthy behavior. The 10/02/09 New York Times did a 4000 word front page investigative report about Ensign’s improper use of campaign funds to pay off his mistress (“Senator’s Aid After Affair Raises Flags Over Ethics”). Ensign’s office has not responded to the claims in the article, and Republicans are resisting an investigation. See “Senate Republican Leader Silent on Ensign” (New York Times 10/02/09), “Sen. Ensign Says He Didn’t Break Law” (Washington Post 10/07/09), and “Ensign denies wrongdoing in job for former staffer” (Washington Post 10/06/09).


Sen. Ensign, what a surprise!

Are you trying to pull the wool over our eyes?


The New York Times have published a report

To which your office has no retort.

The Times says you used campaign funds to pay off your mistress.

Their evidence is something that one can’t dismiss.


Under Clinton, Republicans were “Investigations R Us”

Under Bush, the GOP Congress made no such fuss.

Now, when someone proposes an investigation

GOP support depends on the investigatee’s affiliation.


So I guess it’s no surprise

That you and your Party temporize

About the need to investigate your possible crimes

(But we all make mistakes sometimes).


If it had been a Dem, you and Fox would have raised a hue and cry.

You’d have wanted them hung out to dry.

Where’s your anger so overblown

When the perpetrator is one of your own?


For President Clinton and President Obama

All Republicans have had to offer is drama.

No ideas, no respect, no bipartisanship:

Just constant attacks, and Glenn Beck’s massive ego trip.


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